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Ashleigh. Ponpon. Pandomi. Korilakkuma. Nineteen. I'm currently attending Temple University Japan in Tokyo until 2015. I went to Japan on a foreign exchange August 2010 to January 2011. Jrock & Visual Kei = ♥ Anything Japanese. Boys. Girls. Asian. Purple. Rainbow. Snail mail. Sunglasses. Clothes. Posters. Concerts. Alice Nine; LM.C; the GazettE; Moon Stream; Die Azten; Rammstein; 元気ロケッツ; ゾロ; DOGinTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ; BORN; THE KIDDIE; AnCafe; -miyavi-雅; auncia; LiZ; Sadie; aicle; MEG; AKFG; Ayabie; D=OUT; DaizyStripper; Kaya; Echostream; Girugamesh; The Pumpkin Head; SMILE; etc.etc.

'A friend is someone who sees through you and still enjoys the view. '


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Here&#8217;s a big poster of my #face in a beauty salon! #me #self #selfie #wow #areyoukiddingme

Here’s a big poster of my #face in a beauty salon! #me #self #selfie #wow #areyoukiddingme

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    I love this picture of you! That is sooo cool bb How does it feel to have your face on a wall? taha
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